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Celebration of all types of Australian art: painting, sculpture, design, performance, street art, and so on. Labour of love by Dr Zuleyka Zevallos. Submissions welcome.
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Reliquary, Dancehouse, Melbourne, 2011. Choreography by Soo Yeun Yoo and Gina Rings.

Choreographed by two women from very different backgrounds, Reliquary combines indigenous Australian and shamanistic Korean influences to create a distinctive meditation on ancestry and spirituality. According to Soo Yeun Yoo, the two cultures share common spiritual roots. Using dance and beautifully crafted puppets to obliquely visit these intersections, Yoo and co-creator Gina Rings have produced a sacred space, shrouded in mist, where ceremonies are practiced and spirits enter the physical realm.

Source: Dance Out There via ZeeZee.

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